April 2013 wedding in the sand

The weather has finally started warming up for beach weddings. Wow it’s about time. It’s been a cool April to be sure. I wanted it to be warmer but you can’t always get what you want. A couple of weddings were cold. Brrrr. The brides and grooms didn’t seem to mind so off to the beach. My photographer always gets to dress warmly while I’m always in dress clothes and those are generally not the warmest as I try to wear the same clothes all year if possible. Don’t get me wrong I add a coat or jacket to warm it up even a sweater but sometimes if the wind is blowing it can get chilly. One wedding we had it was so cold that day I was shaking. I even had on a coat. We decided to go to the condo and surrounding area for pictures. Even when I try to tell people not to do the wedding until the sun is out sometimes people just want what they want and I don’t argue. I just freeze. I say that with a smile. Although I wish I was wearing wool or something more weather friendly. Brides don’t know it’s cold bless their hearts. They’re too busy being happy. And I’ll end on that note.

bad printer good wedding LOL

Had a wonderful beach wedding last nigh on beautiful Pensacola Beach.  It went like a charm with the new photographer working out well. We even figured out a way to get out of the back of the condo even though we didn’t have a code number. We make a great team. Anywho I downloaded the pictures to the computer, edited some, burned them to disc and now I’m getting ready to print and my printer breaks. Oh Darn! Now I have to go buy a new one. Was going to go today but have decided to go later.So when did your printer or other office item break on you leaving you in the lurch, totally frustrated? I guess I can’t really can’t complain. That printer has lasted so long that the printer cartridges are almost obsolete. Wow. So I guess it’s time for a new one. The wedding yesterday went so well. I love it when the couples have so much in common. I know your next questions because I’m psychic. Not really but it sounds good. Your next questions will be how many really have something in common. About 50 percent. So about fifty percent make it.