With 2015 right around the corner your wedding is on your mind so give us a call

I’ve been get a lot of calls lately from future rides, their mothers, grooms, and other family members and friends eager to help their future couple with the decision of where to get a for their beach wedding. angel bride with maidsMay I suggest beautiful Pensacola Beach Florida. One advantage that Pensacola Beach has over all of the other areas is the amount of open beach that you can find. Places like test and have wall to wall houses hotels and condominiums. There’s not much public beach they’re except for the state park which you have to pay to use. There are many places on Pensacola Beach but you can go and enjoy yourself on your wedding day without prying eyes. How joyful is that? So when you’re ready to make that ultimate decision give us a call will be more than happy to help you.

Best friend runs off to Hawaii and has best wedding ever.

Yesterday was a wonderful day visiting with friends including my good friend Stephanie. She had the beach wedding of a lifetime in Hawaii. Tbride in the sunalk about a happy bride! Her wedding shower was full of friends and family. The food was scrumptious. Most people brought home made food which is always the best. I brought a cake covered in fruit and no, I didn’t make it but it was yummy. Her shower gifts were both sexy and funny but mine was a little different.My gift to Stephanie was something I made for her and it was a hit at the shower. I started out with a well made plain white t shirt. Then I went to a craft store and bought some cute iron on letters and a big fake diamond ring. After arranging the letters to say “He put a ring on it!”, I followed the directions to iron on the letters and let it rest. I didn’t dot the i in the word ring, had other plans for that. Then I took the diamond ring and used that to dot the i with. On the jet going from Los Angeles to Hawaii, Stephanie wore her shirt. The flight attendants saw the shirt and asked her about it and she told the story. Needless to say Stephanie and her hubby to be were moved to first class with champagne. How fab is that? So a little home made shirt led to a wonderful flight. Love it!

You better show up and be on time for a wedding on the beach

Now now let’s be reasonable. Yes I know it’s like the best day of your life other than the birth of your children and you want everyone to be there. walk downYou’re only going twelve hundred miles. That’s nothing. Well… let’s just say sometime looking through rose colored glasses can be a little too rosy. Don’t get angry if that certain someone just couldn’t make it. There are ways you can still share that wonderful moment with them regardless of whether they make it or not. Now let’s start with the reasons they can’t make it. Work, being the primary reason most folks can’t make it and the second is school. Whether they are in school or their kids are in school. These two reason are the big two. You must not be fussy about it. Accept it and move on like the big girl that you are. Leave your tears for ice cream later. So don’t fear girls this doesn’t mean the end of your perfect wedding. There is still a way for you to have all those fab friends around you. Wait until you get home to have your reception. That’s the secret. We’ll send out your photos the next business day and you can have them at your reception. Lots of brides are waiting until they get back home for the reception. So you’ll be in good company.

So you say you want a treehouse wedding…first time for everything

Yes my angels it’s happened. You must figure out where you’re going to stay in the wide world of hotels and condos. You want a tree house? We are at the beach not the forest so there will be no more talk of tree houses. happy familyYou’ve been watching too much tv. Onward with the condos. I like condos for couples regardless of where other people are staying and this includes houses. I know, you are asking why. Why indeed! One great thing about going with a condo is the two of you will privacy when you need it and believe me after the wedding and reception, you’re going to need it. You are going to want to spend your honeymoon night away from everyone. It’s no fun when there are constantly people pecking on the door when you’re trying to get romantic. Another great thing about condos over hotel rooms is what you get;a real kitchen with full size refrigerator and stove, a full size bath room (a must have), a living area, a separate bedroom. And the best part a balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico and it doesn’t get any better than that. Imagine waking up with the one you love and walking out onto the balcony and paradise is stretched out before you. Bliss!

Time to update wedding designs for brides and grooms

Today I go to the beach to take pictures of new decorations for the site. pensacola wedding I came up with some interesting looks. I’m using burlap for some as this has become a hot item this year for beach weddings. 20th anniversaryWho knew this would happen? Burlap does stink. It almost smells like kerosene. Not pleasant. I wonder if brides and grooms knew how stinky it if they would still want it? Hmmm… Oh well. When I get back I will be adding to this post so everyone can see. I need a massage. Tomorrow I plan to do the same thing. Get out there and see what new items I can get up there. I quit doing the heart in the sand as it was so much trouble to do but am now reconsidering doing it. We sold alot of them and people seem to like it. Wish I could figure out a way to make it easier to do. It can be difficult to dig the sand up. The weather is pretty today and a little cool. It was very chilly the last few days and we’ve had weddings which were crisp to say the least. Bride popsicles were everywhere. Poor dears. What a woman does to look fabulous and all a man has to do is wear khakis. Isn’t it ironic? Well wish me luck and I hope everyone likes the new designs. Will post new pics the minute I get back.

Saint Patricks Day and let’s wear green and say I do on the sand.

The wearing of the green has come and gone and what a day it was on Pensacola Beach. The spring breakers were out in force wearing the green and enjoying the sun. It was very nice on the beach.passionate kisses for you I’ve done beach weddings on St. Patrick’s Day before and always incorporated the green into the design I was doing at the time. Did you know at one time blue was the color for St. Patrick’s Day? This was back in the 1700’s and no one from that time is still around. In Irish mythology, Flaitheas Eireann, the sovereignty of Ireland, was represented as a women in a blue robe. The color was also known as St. Patrick’s blue but over the years the color green became more popular. Maybe shamrocks had something to do with it. No one knows for sure when the blue turned into green. So now we drink green beer, dye rivers green, pinch people who don’t wear green and act completely silly for a day for the sake of green. So kiss me I’m not Irish. Just kidding I think everyone in the United States has some Irish in them somewhere. So come out to the beach next year, wear your green, spring break your self silly and get married on the beach. I’ll be wearing blue and green just because. There’s a song in there somewhere.

Rain rain go away and let this be a sunny day for a wedding

whisper in my earThe rain that is.  Gosh it seems like it rained the entire month of July. I know that July is the rainiest month in Florida but I can’t remember the last time it was like this. So many unhappy brides. But my grandmother always said it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I hope grandmother was right. Never the less brides soldiered on and withstood all the deluge with dignity and dampness. More than one had slightly soggy curls. But I’ve never seen a rainy day keep a happy bride or groom down. When life gives you rain you just make puddles. One chipper bride even jumped in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s my kind of bride. She won’t give up easily. Receptions went on and honeymoons did too. Yesterday we had a bunch of sea weed but do you think that stopped our bride? No way! She was getting married. It was a stinky situation but she kept her chin up and that was one of the happiest weddings. Don’t give up, be flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff because like grandma said. Life goes on. Thinking of all of the soggy situations I’m signing off from Florida.

So quiet for this wedding prayers are with them

This was a small wedding on the sand. Both families were very reserved. At first I didn’t understand why. beautiful gownThen I realized something had happened but I never knew what it was. A beach wedding for the most part is happy and joyous. But this one was reserved. I’m not sure what calamity had befallen the wedding party. I don’t pry because it just doesn’t make things any better and I didn’t want to seem nosy. I knew pictures were going to be difficult so I told my photographer to get as many as he could while the ceremony was going on. I’ve had somber weddings before and getting people to do anything can be frustrating. And I was correct about this one as well. Immediately after the wedding it was almost impossible to get the bride and groom to pose for pictures. It was like pulling teeth. We couldn’t get a smile out of anyone. There had to have been a tragedy for this to happen. The whole wedding party was getting ready to leave so I went up to the groom and asked him if there was anything I could do and he thanked me and said something bad had happened prior to coming to Florida and he didn’t want to talk about it so I didn’t push it. If you don’t want to talk I respect that.

Please don’t smoke at a beach wedding and throw your cigarette butts in her rose petal path

This is so beyond aggravating.  I really don’t like and won’t tolerate it at all. I understand we all have the right to do it but it very insulting to a bride and groom. turquoise maidsImagine your beach wedding day and while you’re walking across the sand there’s some one that you invited to your wedding puffing on a cigarette during your ceremony! Would you smoke in church? How tacky can you get? So it really brings up the question, should you smoke at a wedding and when should you do it? Here are some rules to follow so you look like a good person to invite to any social occasion. Since you are on the beach you should by no means leave cigarette butts on the sand. That’s littering and is punishable by a $500 fine. That’s right folks you’re reading it correctly. The authorities can also choose to raise the fine to what the deem correct. If you must smoke do so only in your car. To non smokers you have a strong odor of cigarettes despite the fact you do bathe. It doesn’t matter. Fortunately you’re at a beach wedding so there’s enough fresh air and breeze to prevent you from becoming too fragrant. So you may want to consider waiting until after the ceremony.

Kissing babies and catching a cold oh my

I was doing a beach wedding the other day and the bride’s two year old walks up to me and holds her hands up to me like she was saying pick me up. Pink BouquetSo of course I do and she plants a big ole kiss on my cheek. How sweet I think until her mom chimes in with she’s really been sick with a terrible cold, we thought it was the flu. Oh my. I thought I would be immune to it since I hadn’t been sick in a while and am always taking my vitamins. I wasn’t. Funny how strong you think you are until the virus settles in for an indefinite stay to make sure you don’t sleep or remember anything because you have a low grade fever. Oh lucky me. Do I blame anyone? No of course not. Things happen in life that we don’t get forewarning about. Including innocent kisses from toddlers. So I have been suffering for about four days now and am finally getting some relief. Sunday when I first noticed symptoms I ran to the urgent care (otherwise known as a doc in a box) where the physician on call wrote me various prescriptions to alleviate said symptoms. Needless to say I’m glad it’s over.