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Meeting bride for Pensacola wedding on the beach

Yesterday I went out to meet a bride and groom who were planning to get married on Pensacola Beach. The wind was howling blowing just crazy. Yet our happy couple trudged on despite this stiff breeze. angel bride with maidsI took them out to a beautiful area and even though the waves were relatively medium sized the water still had that beautiful blue green color. I asked for one of their phones and got the bride and groom to stand in front of the water and it took two pictures one of them just standing together and one with them kissing. They really liked the area that I showed them and decided to can go without one. It really had a lot to offer, it was a smaller area with adequate parking and easy beach access. The bride was thinking about her dress and whether not she be able to walk comfortably in it. I asked her how many people were in their party and she said she wasn’t really sure yet. Like many young brides it can be slightly overwhelming when planning your wedding and sometimes well many people actually try to take over your wedding as if they were wedding planner. Not really knowing what they’re doing they can sabotage a lovely time in turn it into a complete nightmare. That’s why I get so many elopements. Sometimes brides and grooms just get tired of everybody hammering them and decide to just run off and get married. So I look forward to seeing all of you on the beach, you don’t get stressed, and we’ll work it all and out.

The new year begins for wedding excitement

And the race begins. You are planning the beach wedding in Pensacola and you’re a bundle of nerves. Relax take a deep breath because everything’s gonna be all right. We make it so easy all you need to do a show up. happy familyAnd I know many of you were thinking no it can’t be that easy but it really is. Remember this is a beach wedding which is more laid back than a church wedding. It is one of the main reasons why brides and grooms decide to go with a beach wedding. These happy couples do not want the formality of a church wedding. Many of them tell me it become such an over done affair that it’s overwhelming and diminishes the happiness that they have felt by announcing their betroval to each other. So they call me and I’d tell them yes you can find happiness and the fun of being at the beach without feeling overwhelmed. This is the moment that you want to really celebrate your love for each other. I want to help you celebrate that moment. Every wedding is completely different from the wedding that I’ve done previously. No two weddings are alike. Every bride and groom need something completely different. And I can just be something small or elaborate. What ever you need I will do my very best to make this happen for you. Nothing makes me happier in seeing two people in love smiling and embracing each other as the sunsets softly in the sky. It really is a beautiful moment to behold and I encourage everyone to come down to the Gulf Coast of Florida and enjoy this moment with them.