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Meeting bride for Pensacola wedding on the beach

Yesterday I went out to meet a bride and groom who were planning to get married on Pensacola Beach. The wind was howling blowing just crazy. Yet our happy couple trudged on despite this stiff breeze. angel bride with maidsI took them out to a beautiful area and even though the waves were relatively medium sized the water still had that beautiful blue green color. I asked for one of their phones and got the bride and groom to stand in front of the water and it took two pictures one of them just standing together and one with them kissing. They really liked the area that I showed them and decided to can go without one. It really had a lot to offer, it was a smaller area with adequate parking and easy beach access. The bride was thinking about her dress and whether not she be able to walk comfortably in it. I asked her how many people were in their party and she said she wasn’t really sure yet. Like many young brides it can be slightly overwhelming when planning your wedding and sometimes well many people actually try to take over your wedding as if they were wedding planner. Not really knowing what they’re doing they can sabotage a lovely time in turn it into a complete nightmare. That’s why I get so many elopements. Sometimes brides and grooms just get tired of everybody hammering them and decide to just run off and get married. So I look forward to seeing all of you on the beach, you don’t get stressed, and we’ll work it all and out.

Pensacola Beach is ready for weddings

With your Pensacola Beach wedding coming into view you must feel the excitement building.  One thing that you should take into consideration when planning your beach wedding in Florida is the sun.bride in the sun Although most of you we’ll have some form of heat in the summertime when you are down in Florida we have high humidity here. I doubt that most of you are a custom to humidity that is 98%. In the middle of the day it can be sweltering for everyone unless you’ have a bathing suit on and are in the water. However says I doubt very seriously you will be wearing a bathing suit to your wedding you can just imagine how warm it’s gonna be. If for this reason we do weddings at sunset. It’s a lot prettier at sunset because the light is gentler and not as bright. When you go on the beach with full sun you’ll need sunglasses to protect your eyes. Since you don’t wanna wear sunglasses during your wedding times between 10 and three are out of the question. You don’t want to be squinting in your pictures. That really doesn’t make for very good picture and on your special day you want to pictures to look really good. Another great thing about waiting until sunset to do your wedding is the temperatures will not be as intense as doing a wedding midday. The people down here in Florida and Alabama that live here are accustomed to the intense heat and humidity. If however most people are not, keep they can stand that high humidity is another question altogether. So I’ll be seeing you at sunset.

Pensacola Beach is for lovers

Your Pensacola Beach wedding can be planned entirely over the phone and through e-mail. Over 98% of all of our brides and grooms handle their wedding this way. walk downMost of you are coming from out of state and it’s easier for you to be able to call tell us what you want, ask any questions you might have and have the ability to do this as many times as you need. Some brides it call us have gotten so overwhelmed with having a large wedding in their own hometown that they feel that the only recourse they have is to come to the beach and get married. They find it much easier and less stressful to have their wedding sys way. And it really is easier. You don’t have to come down here until the day of your wedding or a few days earlier if you choose. There is no rehearsal or the stress of dealing with it. All you have to do show up with a marriage license and we take care of the rest. There really can’t get any easier than that. Some couples prefer to elope, making it even easier on them. We do elopements as well as weddings to provide services that are couples need at this time in their lives. An elopement is generally done with two people or as many as 6 to 10 by loving couples who are ready and don’t want to wait. Who can blame them when love is in the air and in your hearts.

The new year begins for wedding excitement

And the race begins. You are planning the beach wedding in Pensacola and you’re a bundle of nerves. Relax take a deep breath because everything’s gonna be all right. We make it so easy all you need to do a show up. happy familyAnd I know many of you were thinking no it can’t be that easy but it really is. Remember this is a beach wedding which is more laid back than a church wedding. It is one of the main reasons why brides and grooms decide to go with a beach wedding. These happy couples do not want the formality of a church wedding. Many of them tell me it become such an over done affair that it’s overwhelming and diminishes the happiness that they have felt by announcing their betroval to each other. So they call me and I’d tell them yes you can find happiness and the fun of being at the beach without feeling overwhelmed. This is the moment that you want to really celebrate your love for each other. I want to help you celebrate that moment. Every wedding is completely different from the wedding that I’ve done previously. No two weddings are alike. Every bride and groom need something completely different. And I can just be something small or elaborate. What ever you need I will do my very best to make this happen for you. Nothing makes me happier in seeing two people in love smiling and embracing each other as the sunsets softly in the sky. It really is a beautiful moment to behold and I encourage everyone to come down to the Gulf Coast of Florida and enjoy this moment with them.

And she rose out of the sea like Venus

One of the most in into resting weddings I’ve ever done had a bride who was very unique. She wouldn’t tell me what she was wearing to her ceremony on Pensacola Beach.20th anniversary I thought that was kind of unusual as most brides share their gown with me. The day of the wedding arrived and all of her guests were there waiting for her to walk down to us. However all the bridesmaids came down the aisle but there was no bride. To our surprise the bride was walking down the beach by herself. She was wearing a white sequined bathing suit with a piece of white fish that over her head. The fish that hung down to about mid thigh. She looked absolutely stunning. With a starfish and her hair and a pearl necklace she said her eye dues with her husband to the period the groom had a smile a mile wide. Some of the guests gasped when they saw her but her mother and father were in on the secret. She was a very headstrong woman who wanted to do things her way and I could agree with her more. It was one of the most artistic wedding gowns I’ve ever seen. The simplicity made it memorable. I’ve never had another wedding like it.

Getting married at the Pensacola lighthouse

If you want to get married at the Pensacola lighthouse all I have to say is great, you have picked were the most beautiful areas to have your wedding. passionate kisses for youThe Pensacola lighthouse is located at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola with a beautiful view of the inter-coastal waterway and the mouth of the bay. If you’re thinking about having your wedding outside there are some very old oak trees for shade or on the white sand beach overlooking the Pensacola Pass. This airy offers more privacy because it is on a military base. If you want to climb the lighthouse be sure to bring your stamina and strong legs. It is quite a climb but well worth it. If you come during a Blue Angels practice you will find your view quite outstanding. You can also stay there on the base providing you are military or retired military. There are plenty of hotels in the Pensacola area for your guests to stay. There is also the Hanukkah White House tour which I would recommend to anyone, as long as you don’t scare easily.

We’re having a seafood festival with weddings to go

With the Pensacola Seafood Festival in full swing, I could imagine a better time to get married on the beach.whisper in my ear You could come here and enjoy the wonderful tastes of the Gulf of Mexico and then that evening at sunset walk together hand in hand across the sand and say I do. The weather is beautiful this time of year, almost Southern California weather. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cool, it’s just right. At the festival you will not only find a wide selection of food at many arts and crafts as well with a focus on the arts. A lead out there yesterday and found some beautiful hair clips for bridal beautiful hair. You could even use them after the wedding. I also found some really pretty dresses that would make great beach wedding gowns. So you could pick up everything you needed at the festival to get married on the beach later. How easy is that? The festival last all weekend. I hope I see you there.

Go see the Blue Angels practice and check out Perdido Key

beautiful gownFor those of you who are wondering about Perdido Key let me just tell you how beautiful it is. Can you say whites sand and calm water? Sunshine lots of sunshine. The perfect place for a beach wedding in Florida. While you’re here you can check out a blue angels practice. It’s really exciting. The precision jets fly in arresting patterns and it’s loud and proud. Just watching them fly by is invigorating. After that you can go to the reef to catch a bite to eat and maybe some live music. There so many beautiful condominiums with excellent views of the Gulf of Mexico. Sitting outside with your coffee in the morning and watching the Dolphins’ play is a moment time you will never forget. I’ll be seeing you on the beach.

Where offerings beach wedding specials for the fall and winter 2014 and 2015 so contact us today

Fall is a beautiful time here on the gulf coast of Florida. We’re offering some really great beach wedding specials for this time that will go from November 2014 to March 2015.turquoise maids We are offerings some of our bamboo arch is for only $999. This includes an officiant, romantic beachside ceremony, decorated bamboo, decorated shepherds hooks or Tiki torches, fresh rose petal path, 100 color photos, professional photographer, photo release form, recorded music, and everything else you need to have a really fantastic wedding for a very small price. What more could you ask for? You will have the time of your lives on beautiful Pensacola Beach. Because this is off-season you will not have very many people on the beach at all. Making your wedding both intimate and private. In the winter the sunsets right over the water making for a beautiful photography. I’ll see you on the beach.

Come to the Taste of the Beach on beautiful Pensacola Beach and get married in the sand

On Pensacola Beach we have a festival called Taste of the Beach and this year’s guest host is Carla Hall from the daytime TV show The Chew. Pink BouquetWe’re gonna have a lot of great food September 19 through the 21st 2014. What a great time to come to have a Pensacola Beach wedding! Not only can you come and enjoy some really great food you can enjoy were the most beautiful places in the world. Walk on the sand swim in the gulf and then go to one of the many restaurants that are going to be featured in the Taste of the Beach. Not only will there be great food but music and kids entertainment as well. So come on down to the beach and have some fun with us. And while I didn’t go it was so great to have this type of entertainment for happy couples across the Gulf Coast.